The "Darkness Collection" Cheick Kongo for Aurange

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So yeah. Facebook is a crazy thing. I practised a form of full contact martial arts, and I watch the sport at the highest level with so much admiration for those at the top of their game. Whether its UFC, Bellator, Glory, Showtime, and back in the day Pride Fighting Championships.

It's kind of normal, regardless of what you do, to want to emulate those who are at the pinnacle of that pursuit.

So when I first saw Cheick Kongo in his debut fight in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) against Mirko Crocop, a veteran with a mean high kick, I was instantly taken aback. It wasn't merely his physical presence (he's built like a superhero), it was his calm professionalism. There was something special about this man.

As fans do, I wanted to check him out on Facebook. What did he do in his free time, the time he spent outside the ring?

Fast forward past the pokes that turned into private messages, to a phone-call that I couldn't FOR THE LIFE OF ME understand for the most part, then to a visit to my current home city, Vancouver.

Surreal. Here he was, my new French friend who loomed nearly 2 meters tall, standing in front of me. With a smile and a laugh as infectious as any. Humble, respectful and polite. Gentle and gracious.

But lets not get this twisted, he's a violent gentleman.

Cheick has been my friend, my confidante, my sounding board and my cheerleader, all the while never expecting anything in return.

Together, we have designed a statement band in white gold with Black Rhodium that is strong, with sensitive lines that soften the harshness of a square finger shape.Oh ya, and its black and shiny. Just like Cheick. Lol.

Its soft, and strong at the same time. A perfect representation of everything he embodies.





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  • So happy to see all your amazing work being spotlighted and displayed on this great website! So proud to call you my friend!

    TWyla on

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